LeBron James’ 46 points force a seventh game against Celtics: Bill Livingston (photos)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – No matter what the other Cleveland Cavaliers do, either at home or away, no matter what names they make or undo for themselves under the magnification of the NBA playoffs, there is one name everyone knows.LeBron James.He is bigger in Cleveland, because of the around-the clock news cycle and social media of today, than “Rapid” Robert Feller, Spoke (Tris Speaker) and Jim Brown. The latter is because James is bigger and faster than Brown thought about being a half-century ago.The only exception is maybe James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens, at least to those mindful of history and the promotion of human dignity in the face of genocidal bigotry.Another unstoppable gameEverybody knows what James can do in a crisis.What he did Friday night at The Q was score 46 points, including the Cavs’ last eight, in a 109-99 victory over the Boston Celtics that evened the Eastern Conference finals at three games each.He missed a triple-double by a single assist.In the third quarter, James scored on a layup after a feed from George Hill, running all out. Then he seemed to defy time and space by instantly racing full-bore the other way to do an Andre Iguodala seventh game of the Finals snuff sequel, this time on Terry Rozier’s layup at the far end of the floor.James scored 14 points in all in the fourth quarter, sinking back-to-back 28-foot and 27-foot threes in the concluding eight-point run when he had to be spent.”Cavs in seven! Cavs in seven!” the sellout crowd of 20,562 chanted at the end.It will be difficult Sunday in Game 7 in Boston, where the Celtics have not lost all postseason. But, while James lives in Northeast Ohio, he brings his game and usually enhances his name anytime and anywhere he steps between the lines.Love lostOne Cavalier who probably noticed little difference between how he is treated on the floor in Boston and in Cleveland was Kevin Love.Love, the Cavs’ second banana, and Boston’s Jayson Tatum ran into each other early in the game, their heads slamming together. Love grabbed his head in agony, toppled on to his back, and soon walked to the locker room to undergo concussion testing.Barely five minutes had been played and Love was done for the night, having missed his only shot and scoring no points.